5500+ VPN Servers

Safely browse the internet without worrying about regional content restrictions and data caps from internet service providers.

59 Countries Available

SiteLock offers one of the easiest to manage and fastest VPN services with servers in over 40+ countries.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy unlimited access to your VPN for secure browsing and servers that have no activity logs.

Works on all devices

NordVPN is compatible with all popular platforms. Besides, you can secure up to 6 devices with a single account, including your router.

Works on all devices


Works on all devices


Works on all devices


Works on all devices


Works on all devices


What is VPN?

Increase your online security with a VPN

If you want protection from hackers and online monitoring, you can make your connection more secure with a virtual private network (VPN) from NordVPN.

Use NordVPN to encrypt your online activity for an extra layer of protection whenever and wherever you're connected.

 Increase your online security with a VPN

Ultimate security

NordVPN safeguards your connection with next-generation encryption, so you can log into your accounts, make bank transfers, and shop online without worries. Even on unprotected Wi-Fi.

No-logs policy

It's nobody's business what you do online. That's why we don't track, collect, or share your private data. We couldn't provide any details about you to third parties, even if they ask.

Extra features for extra security

NordVPN boasts a wide range of features to protect you from cyber threats. In addition to Threat Protection, there is an automatic Kill Switch that blocks your internet connection if your VPN connection drops, ensuring that your data stays safe.

More than just a VPN

NordVPN's Threat Protection feature is a game changer that offers even more security benefits and better protection with a single extra click.

Threat Protection blocks intrusive ads and web trackers, and automatically scans URLs and blocks malicious ones.

Download with confidence knowing our vigilant Threat Protection scans files for malware, prioritizing your online safety.

Threat Protection protects not only your devices but also you. The ability to block trackers helps you avoid online spies and stalkers.

NordVPN use cases

While having nothing to hide, the aversion to surveillance is common. VPNs are favored for online privacy and security. Why?

Wi-Fi in Public Places

Public Wi-Fi networks in Hotels, Airports, & Coffee Shops are the perfect targets for hackers due to often low security measures.

Shield browsing from third parties

Prevent third parties such as Internet Service Providers from seeing and tracking your day-to-day online activity.

Access social media platforms anywhere

Avoid regional and political restrictions on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

Enjoy online entertainment and live sports

Even though online platforms can be accessed from anywhere in the world, certain broadcasts, shows or sporting events are often restricted.

Protect your device from malicious ads

Online ads usually make your browsing experience way worse. They clutter large parts of websites, slow downloading speeds, and might be sources of malware.

Secure your smart home gadgets

Smart home technologies and in particular unsecure IoT devices can create vulnerabilities for home networks.
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Fácil instalación de WordPress

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“Sus productos son simplemente asombrosos. La calidad, las características y el valor que ofrecen han elevado mi presencia en línea. Una opción fantástica para cualquiera que busque soluciones de hosting de primer nivel”.

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Maria G.

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Cambiar a su hosting fue la mejor decisión. Su panel de control intuitivo hizo que administrar mi sitio fuera muy sencillo. El tiempo de actividad ha sido impecable, lo que garantiza que mi negocio esté siempre en línea

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Michael Smith

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Roberto T.

Great Hosting Company

Crear mi propio sitio web de WordPress evolucionó hasta convertirse en una tarea inesperadamente sencilla, todo gracias a los notables servicios de hosting ofrecidos por el proveedor.

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Eliza Fuentes

Frequently asked questions

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network routes your internet traffic through a secure tunnel, changing your virtual location in the process. But NordVPN is more than just a VPN — we also offer powerful anti-malware tools.

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